High Precision Machines

Hob Relief Grinding Machine

HARO FU-2000 CNC Broach Grinding Manchine

HURTH SRS-405 CNC Shaving Cutter Grinding Manchine

REFORM RSM 2000-G CNC Spline Grinding Machine

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Hanjiang Tool Co., Ltd.

Hanjiang Tool Co., Ltd. (formerly named Hanjiang Tool Works) was founded in 1974. After continuous development, now it is the major cutting tool manufacturer in China.

The products of Hanjiang Tool Co., Ltd. are Hobs, Shaper Cutters, Shaving Cutters, Broaches, Milling Cutters, End Mills, Twist Drills,
Reamers, Thread Cylindrical Rolling Dies, Tool Bits etc. Backed by the total commitment of all 2,700 Hanjiang employees - their skill, their experience, their ability, and the latest facilities such as CAD technology and high precision CNC production machinery, and ISO 9001 quality system, Hanjiang products have achieved the reliable precision and quality.

All Hanjiang activities are aimed at offering the customer real advantages. Hanjiang tools - the excellent price/profitability ratio tools.


KLINGELNBERG P40 CNC Gear Measuring Center


HURTH NST-300 CNC Shaving Cutter Serrating Machine




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